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If you are looking for eco-friendly window cleaners, we are the Idaho Falls window cleaning service for you! With an experienced team and green cleaning products, we are proud to serve both commercial and residential customers. Our owner and operator Mitch Freeman has 18 years of experience cleaning windows. Quality is something we take seriously in all aspects of caring for our customers’ homes. You can expect your interior and exterior windows to be streak free with clean sills, tracks and frames. We even take care of spider webs, fly spots, over-sprayed paint and hardwater anywhere near your windows for no extra cost.

Hard Water Stains

Idaho Falls Window Cleaning Service
Hardwater cleaning before and after

Hard water stains form when mineral-carrying water is splashed onto a window. There are three main reasons your windows may get hardwater spots on them.

First, the fastest way for hard water to from is typically from a sprinkler that is continually hitting windows in a full sun exposure area. Ask us how to adjust sprinklers to keep your lawn watered properly but avoid dirtying your windows. Sometimes this is a tall order because regular high wind gusts here in Idaho Falls will blow water onto your windows no matter what you do. This is especially true if you live outside of town or on the hill with fewer trees and mineral-rich well water. The remedy is to have regular window cleanings several times per year to “reset” your windows back to their original, water repellant shine. This will keep hardwater spots from setting in and potentially permanently damaging or etching your glass. We recommend at least three cleanings per year for upkeep – Spring cleaning, Summer and Fall Cleanup. Once your windows are in window washing “shape”, so to speak, they will repel water and minerals better and stay looking new. This also helps avoid dreaded window seal blowouts where condensation gets “in between” the glass by keeping the seals clean and lubricated – delaying costly replacements down the road.

Second, as we have hard water here in Idaho Falls, we see the interior of windows in kitchens and bathrooms needing cleaned more often. With our effective and green cleaning solution we can cut right through the grime and get your windows looking new again.

The third reason is a mixture of storms and time. Even rainwater can leave water spots if given enough time and enough dust to mingle with on your glass. In a windy rainstorm in East Idaho, you’ll get both. Once this happens repeatedly over a couple of seasons without regular cleanings, hardwater spots will make their permanent home on your glass. Preventative maintenance is key to long-lasting, better-looking windows. Even if freshly cleaned windows get rained on that same week, slightly ruining your view, your windows will be better equipped to repel water and come clean easier and easier every time they are washed going forward.

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Window Cleaning Frequency

First off, we’d like you to know that there is no contract required for monthly or quarterly cleanings etc. How often you get your windows cleaned can depend on your homes’ location, inhabitants and your budget. Homes near more open areas or hills get exposed more to weather and dust. They may require a professional window cleaning service several times a year. A home surrounded by other homes and large trees in a traditional neighborhood may only need a good cleaning twice a year. Also, the frequency of your need for window cleaners may depend on pets greeting you at every window or leaving hair in the tracks of sliding glass doors. Toddlers often love to get those tiny and adorable but usually dirty finger and mouth prints on your windows. We understand that budgeting for home maintenance is often difficult and we offer payment plans to help defer the initial cost.

If your home or windows are brand new or only a few years old and haven’t been cleaned yet, please contact us. Depending on the quality of the brand, they may still be able to get back to their original manufactured perfection with one cleaning. Protect your investment. The sooner you get them on a cleaning schedule the more likely we can keep them looking brand new and repelling water and dust, instead of grabbing on to it, for as long as possible. We also do construction clean-up for newly constructed homes or business – we can get those pesky stickers, over sprayed paint and silicone smudges off for you without any scratches!

Brand new commercial windows at Idaho Falls Monument on a regular cleaning schedule to keep that out of the box shine!

Our Window Cleaning Services

We are your one stop shop for professional window cleaners. We clean all aspects of first and second story windows, inside and out. We can even do three story commercial windows with a deionized water-fed pole system. The other aspects of the window like the windowsill, tracks and frames are cleaned, too. We even clean the area directly around the windows. Using our green solution, you can expect a healthy pet, kid and Earth friendly approach while having beautiful windows. In addition, we clean your screens, glass doors and mirrors.

Interested in our other home cleaning services? Check out our deck cleaning, pressure washing and snow removal services! We always recommend getting gutters and pressure washing done before windows so we can get your siding, screens and exterior tracks back to new before cleaning the glass.