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Here at Clean Air Lawn Care, we always recommend getting a gutter cleaning service before any other exterior cleaning. This process is inherently messy but necessary. We don’t want to be getting muck or dirt on freshly washed siding, windows or walkways around your home. The other benefits of having this done every spring and fall are numerous.

If gutters are left with material in them before winter you can expect all kinds of problems over the winter season. This includes: water overflowing the sides of the gutters and possibly flooding basements or crawlspaces.  Overflowing gutters will often send dirty water down your siding – staining it or maybe worse – water intrusion into your soffit, roof or behind your siding and cause water damage or ice dams. Sometimes sediment can build up so heavy your gutters can break and even take some of your house with it!

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Once things freeze over for the year, large icicles can also be an issue. Falling icicles can not only be dangerous for your family and guests but can cause long term damage to your gutters and home. This will inevitably lead to constant ice formation around entrances to your home and create unsafe, slippery conditions.

If you have large trees in your neighborhood or a lot of blowing dust, give us a call for a free inspection before your gutter cleaning service. We will hop on a ladder and investigate so you can rest assured your gutters are functioning properly before the next big rain or snowstorm. Even if you have a new roof or gutters or are in a newly constructed building, your gutters could be designed improperly or be full of roofing material that likes to sluff off of brand-new shingles. We commonly find homes in new neighborhoods have clogged gutters just from the construction dust alone.

Commercial Services

We understand how first impressions of your business are very important. Make a great impression with an inviting and ice-free store front, office, apartment building or restaurant. Our commercial gutter cleaning and snow removal services will keep your structures and concrete beautiful for longer and customers happier. Maintain your investment’s value and prolong the life of your structures by keeping them ice free without damaging salt use.