Organic Idaho Falls Lawn Care, Solar-Powered Lawn Mowing & Outdoor Cleaning Services

Clean Air Lawn Care Idaho Falls proudly provides organic lawn care and outdoor cleaning services. Mitch and Amanda have created an environmentally conscious professional team that bring sustainable lawn care to Idaho Falls neighborhoods. Add all-electric lawn mowing and maintenance to our custom organic fertilization program to get the most beautiful and the healthiest lawn in the neighborhood.

Let us show you the difference of a natural lawn without toxic chemicals or emissions from gas equipment. Our sustainable approach to lawn maintenance and kid and pet safe organic fertilizers in Idaho Falls even require less water. We are revolutionizing the lawn care industry by featuring solar-panels atop our trucks to power electric mowers, trimmers and blowers.

We care about making your outdoor space both beautiful, and safe for your family or pets. Your lawn is an extension of your home. Idaho Falls residents deserve pollution free, organic lawn care and high quality outdoor cleaning.

A Safe, Healthy, & Natural Lawn Service

Organic Lawn Care & Outdoor Cleaning

We specialize in effective, all-organic lawn care and eco-friendly outdoor cleaning in Idaho Falls. This includes custom organic lawn fertilizers and soil builders that focus on growing healthy, green grass from the soil up.

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Organic Weed Control

Clean Air Lawn Care is the only lawn care company that offers all natural, safe, selective weed control treatments. Our organic weed control keeps weeds at bay without using harsh, toxic chemicals.

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Solar-Powered Mowing

Gas-powered lawn equipment is a major contributor to air and noise pollution in every American city. Our electric mowers, blowers and trimmers are quiet, clean and have no emissions.

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Why We Stand Out

Premium Services

Mitch, Amanda and their team provide the highest quality of lawn care and outdoor cleaning that’s available in the Idaho Falls area.

Quiet, Clean Mowing

Our electric lawn care equipment is quiet, clean and efficient. Everything is solar powered.


From organic fertilizer to weed control, eco-friendly window washing and pressure washing, we keep your home and lawn green and healthy without toxic chemicals.

Customized Service

We’ll work with you to come up with a plan that addresses your specific lawn care and outdoor needs.


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